1946 - 2022
1946 - 2022

A Tribute to the
Legendary Judge Butler

Todd has had the great honor of being endorsed for District Judge by the late Johnny J. Butler, a former Commonwealth Court Judge and so much more. 

Born in 1946, Judge Butler overcame the racism of the segregated South, making his way to Howard University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1968, and a law degree in 1971. After earning a Master of Laws from Columbia University, he started his legal career as Assistant Counsel for the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund. With the NAACP, he had the amazing opportunity to return to his hometown in Georgia “in the tradition of Dean Charles Hamilton Houston and Justice Thurgood Marshall,” to continue the fight for desegregation in public schools. He later served 20 years with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, achieving various ranks including Acting General Counsel, working to secure equal employment opportunities for all, followed by 8 years as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Labor and Industry.

In 2008, Johnny Butler was appointed to serve as a Commonwealth Court judge. There, he chose none other than Todd Barnes, Esquire, to serve as his right hand -- his Chief Judicial Clerk. In Judge Butler’s words, “Todd is a ‘valuable leader’ who is ‘very knowledgeable’ regarding the legal process, and who has demonstrated considerable competence and judicial management abilities.”

Judge Butler believed in bettering the lives of people in the world around him through “fidelity to the rule of law and the cause of justice,” i.e., “fundamental fairness, due process, equal protection and freedom.” Although he departed this life in 2022, his judicial legacy remains. Todd would be honored to carry that legacy forward in Norristown, the very heart of Judge Butler’s own Montgomery County, PA.


Endorsed by Chief Justice Castille

Todd is endorsed by former Chief Justice Ronald Castille.  After his service under Judge Johnny Butler, the Chief Justice at the time, being very familiar with Judge Butler’s work, was pleased to hire Todd to serve two years in the Chief Justice’s Office until his retirement.

"Todd Barnes was an excellent Supreme Court legal researcher in my judicial office. He knows the law and he is a person of integrity. Todd has all the personal qualifications to make a great Magisterial District Judge for the citizens in Norristown."

D Perry
V Moman
E Hadrick
M Goodheart
A Dudley

5-Star Rating Reviews

Nicest guy I’ve ever met. If you are in Norristown and know a Dollarton family member, vote for Todd Barnes.

Rell Johnson

Very down to earth honest Man I don’t see judge when I look at Todd I see father, brother, friend👏🏿👏🏿🤝

I had the pleasure of having Mr. Barnes teach Civics in my classroom for two years. He taught my students SO much. I have two favorite memories of when he interacted with my “kids”. 1. A student maybe shared a bit more than her dad would have liked. Mr. Barnes explained with empathy that we all make mistakes and her dad was entitled to a fair trial. 2. A girl opened up to Mr. Barnes about being teased about how dark her skin color was. Mr. Barnes off the cuff lead the whole class in an activity that made them all feel better about themselves. He demonstrated the fact that he was unbiased toward my “kids”, regardless of color or socio-economics. Mr. Barnes will be a great judge. I also look forward to him returning to teach Civics in my classroom when it is safe, and hopefully as a judge. I am Norristown born and raised. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I have known Todd for over 6 years and know him to be honorable, trustworthy and shows compassion He is a man of integrity who not only knows the law, but applies it ethically. As a lifetime resident of Norristown and one who has spent 90% of my time in a district 3, I can say without a doubt that this is the person we should have as our District 3 District Judge.

Todd is a truly honorable man. He is hard working and very compassionate. In the many years of knowing him, I have never seen anything else from him but kindness, honesty and integrity.

Char Blossom

Todd is an outstanding leader who leads by example. He illustrates a deep compassion for his community and truly listens to concerns. He is humble servant who knows how to get the job done. Todd is wise and a team player. He upholds the law and is dedicated to what he puts his mind too.

Olivia Lennon

Todd is an upstanding, virtuous man of honor, integrity and fortitude. He is a faithful and devoted family man and will do an excellent job upholding the law.

Todd Barnes will be a great judge in Norristown and anywhere. I’ve known Todd for while and I learn so much from watching him with his family. He is honest, patient, kind and just. He is an example to follow and the best choice for Norristown. Todd Barnes seria un gran juez en Norristown y en cualquier lado. Conozco a Todd de mucho tiempo y he aprendido mucho al observarlo con su familia. El es honesto, tiene mucha paciencia, es bondadoso y justo. Es un ejemplo a seguir y la mejor opción para Norristown.

The Todd I know is a man of integrity, and principles. He tells it like it is good, bad, or ugly. More importantly he’s a man of God, and a family man!

Lisa Gore

Todd Barns is 1 of thee most Brave, Smart, Passionate, Caring and concerned men I know. He fixes things and solves problems all why listening to the heart of the people! Don't make a mistake by not going with T.B!

Selina Crew

I have personally known Todd Barnes since 2007. Todd works very hard for his community. He's educated, talented, consistent and equipped. Moreover, he's a devoted man of God. He's also a beloved husband, father, and friend. We desperately need a person of this character in office!

I’ve had the honor of knowing Todd for 13 years, throughout that time he’s been consistent, hardworking, dedicated, and committed to excellence. He has been a leader within his community, family, and amongst his colleagues and friends. He leads with integrity and honesty. He meets challenges head-on with tenacity and a solution-oriented focus. The constituents of Norristown will gain a true advocate and thought-leader when voting for Todd Barnes.

Robin Steward

Todd Barnes is a family man with great integrity and character. He is a brilliant mind, who will serve with justice and compassion. There is no doubt in my mind, that Mr. Barnes is highly qualified for this position, and will be the best district judge Norristown has had.

Todd Barnes is a family man First and Foremost. He is an excellent Husband and Father. He will treat the Job of Norristown District Judge with the same Love, Understanding, Integrity and Courage he applies to his daily life. Todd is a Good Honest Man who will listen and make decisions based on Truth. He is filled with Kindness and Humbleness. He is a man who will always treat everyone that comes before him with Dignity and Integrity. You can depend on him to take care of his District with the same values he uses to take care of his very own family. He stands on Honesty and Truth. Elect Todd Barnes for Norristown District Judge... A Decision You Won't Regret. God Bless...

Joy Mosley

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Todd Barnes for Norristown District Judge. He is upstanding, ethical, honest, and principled making him an excellent candidate for the bench. I dont live in Norristown, but if I did Todd Barnes would certainly have my vote.

Duane Archie

Brilliant legal mind, a man dedicated to family and community. Ethical. He is not a politician but a servant of the community. Has years of experience working on many levels in the Judicial System.

If you live in Norristown, PA and want to see justice with integrity in the local court system, you should cast your vote in May for this guy, our dear friend and brother of 15 years, Todd N. Barnes. Todd is in private exactly what he is in public. He is what you need in a District Judge! #votefortodd #toddfordistrictjudge #justice #integrity

Amina Bell

My husband and I have known Todd Barnes for over 10 years. He is a man of integrity - always applying high standards to himself both in his public and private life. His honesty, hard work, and diligence is only eclipsed by his pursuit to do what is right. Throughout the years, he has demonstrated his ability to interpret the law through the lenses of justice and is not only reasonable and logical, but also unbiased. He has also shown a love and commitment for Norristown and would be a great asset to the legal system in that community!

Todd Barnes has always been the most calm and collected guy we know. He does not make decisions out of his feelings, but out of what is right and needs to be done. In times like these, that character trait is exactly what we need serving in our justice system. There is no one better that I would recommend than Todd Barnes!

Tonja Greene

His dedication to faith and family is beyond comparison. I know him to be a man of integrity, justice, and compassion. He is highly qualified and will serve the community with excellence!

I have known Todd Barnes for over 5 years. Mr. Barnes has a work ethic that is stellar and his integrity is unparalleled. He balances his dedication to the work he feels called to do with the work of serving his family and community very well. Mr. Barnes demonstrates his heart to heal the community through action. A mentor to young men, a coach, and a teacher, he puts his hands to work to be the change he wants to see.

Sunny Nelson

Todd has coached our sons in both flag football and basketball. He cares deeply for our community and has shown that by giving up his time to mentor and coach. We are so thankful for his presence in our community and I fully support him in this endeavor!

I highly recommend Todd Barnes as a man of integrity and justice. The combination makes him a powerhouse leader for the future of of the Norristown justice system.

Kelly Kelly

Todd is a trustworthy person. If you know him, you know how sincere and solid he is. You will not regret giving him your support.

Tamika Graves

Todd Barnes is a man of decency, integrity, great character, and when it comes to listening, interpretation, and making decisions based on what is being said, he is the man for the job. We need more people with integrity, decency and who actually listen when you speak in positions of power. He has the same integrity in his public and private life! What you see is what you get with Todd! Vote for Todd Barnes for Norristown District Judge!

I have known Todd Barnes for close to 14years. He is full of integrity, humility and patience. He is a true servant-leader with great discernment and good decision making skills. Utilizes logic and reasoning to draw conclusions; a true critical thinker--something sorely lacking in our current judicial system. Norristown district will benefit greatly when they elect Todd Barnes as district judge.

Personal Endorsement

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